Fred Fielder

I have been a teacher and lecturer for over thirty five years and taught in secondary schools as well as special needs establishments. I also run my own adult art classes for those who wish to learn or just want to develop their own painting and drawing.
I cover all mediums and styles and use twenty-first century technology to achieve this but retaining the traditions of well practised draughtsmanship and plein air sketching and painting.

Having worked in the printing and allied trades I also have an understanding of different printing processes.

I have painted all my life but enjoy the teaching of art and have worked in a number of environments where this has facilitated the education of children. Having retired from full time education I found that there was a great need in my home area to offer my expertise and skills to a more mature audience! I now organise WAGs Wingham Art Groups students based at the village Hall Wingham and some forty students take part in these classes each week.

I am chairman of the East Kent Art Society (EKAS), which was started in 1902 and is still active in the East Kent area; in 2002 I wrote an illustrated history of the Society. Selling mostly from my studio as well as joint exhibitions my style of painting reflects the traditional spectrum of painters rather than the contemporary although I have been involved in some installation work in the past when I was the Director of Art for the Ramsgate Spring Festival in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

I am always open to a variety of media and am willing to carry out commissions if so required.