Anne Richardson Foster

I was born into an artistic family. As a child I was lucky to have the freedom to be creative; my mother allowing me to make mud pies on the scullery steps...
One day in Chiesemans of Lewisham there was a potter at work and he could see how interested I was and he said to me! “You can take this home if you
like, come back later when it’s dried out and I’ll give it to you” I collected it later and carefully
took it home with me. I’ve been interested in pottery since that day.
At my school in Catford I looked out of the window most of the time, noticing the pattems of light playing on the trees. When I was thirteen years old my art teacher sent one of my artworks to the Children’s Royal Academy, where I gained a “Highly Commended” award and was exhibited at the Courtauld gallery. My Art teacher, Miss Puppett, to whom I have always been grateful. encouraged my future career.
When I was sixteen I was accepted into Sidcup School of Art after attending Saturday moming classes, where Father Sidney James Richardson was a specialist teacher in technical illustration. I was taught bookbinding, which was useful when I was employed repairing old books at Somerset House and The Admiralty.
In 19791 moved to Kent, where I worked in a pottery and made many tiles following the antique pattern. These were used in renovation work. I attended classes in portrait painting at The Metropole Hotel in Folkestone, with Joan Ladell. She was a big influence on my artistic work and taught me how to see. I also used the pottery workshop at The Metropole and permanently had a photograph of a pot in the foyer .The love of Art has always guided my life.