Dai Griffiths



I have taught Art and Design since 1974. I moved to Kent College in 1986 and was the Head of Art and Design for 8 years before moving to St Edmund’s School Canterbury to run their Art and Design department. I retired from teaching in 2008 and started painting members of my family and grandchildren in particular as a much-needed therapy. I have always painted and had a need to be involved in Art.
My Art College work was very much based on hard edge abstraction and I still see myself as an abstract painter in the way that I construct my paintings. My present work although figurative or illustrative is very much based on mark making, the use of light, and complimentary colour. Much of the commissioned work is still based on the same principals of making the coloured marks work within the context of the composition although a true likeness is still important. The paintings consist of applying layers of washes and incorporating complementary colour.
As all my paintings tend to be commissions, I rarely have current work to display. Although I have just painted a series of ‘Homage Portraits’ to some of my favourite artists. David Oxtoby, Peter Blake.
Commissions are taken by contacting me, Dai@daigriffiths.co.uk or telephone 01227 365879.


Stowers of Chelsea 1972/73
Ditchling Art Gallery Sussex 1977
Barnes Green Open Exhibition 1976/85
KIAD Art Teachers and Lecturers exhibitions 1996/97
KIAD Art Teachers and Lecturers exhibitions 1997/98 “My Square Foot”.
BAG Gallery Herne Bay one-man show 2008
Fish Slab Gallery Whitstable with CT6 group 2010
Art Trail Canterbury Festival 2010
CT6 Exhibition at The Horsebridge Gallery Whitstable 2011
Albion Exhibition BAG Gallery Herne Bay 2012
Society of Local Art Teachers and Exhibitors, (SLATE) Sandwich Kent 2013