Yours painterly, Fred Fielder, Hon. Chairman.



Last Year’s Annual Exhibition at the Horsebridge was a reasonably successful exhibition although sales were somewhat disappointing as we would have liked for more. The team set out an excellent arrangement and the standard of the images and framing was possibly the best ever and positive comments were made by visitors and exhibitors alike. Paul Gadenne designed with myself helping to assemble a new display logo and we put this in the entrance window although as usual the reflections from the buildings opposite made it not as clear as we had hoped but in the evening it stood out most effectively and we will be able to use this again as it is now kept in the store.

The New Members’ Day will be taking place this year Sunday 12 April 10am - 12 noon at Wingham Village Hall, School Lane opposite the Church and if you know of anyone wishing to become a member please let our Secretary know.

AGM 2015: Saturday 12 September 3.00 - 5.00pm at Wingham Village Hall, School Lane (just opposite the church). The meeting is to be held in the Miles Room which is just beside the main hall and there is plenty of parking space. Refreshments will be available after the AGM so do come along as we want you to have your say in the running of the society.

Email and Website and general notes: Please let Paul Gadenne know if you should acquire email capability and add yourself to the list as we so far have only about a third of the members who are already on our mailing list. By being on the list this saves the society postage but it means we can contact you quickly with any up to date information.

The Annual Exhibition officers have arranged proactively another exhibition in Canterbury in the newly refurbished Westgate Hall behind the Sidney Cooper Gallery. Date is Thursday 2 July. Handing in and set up Exhibition starts Friday 3rd July and ends Friday 17 till 1.00pm. Take down in the afternoon and collect 2,00pm - 4-00pm. Please note that there will be no cards or browsers to avoid theft as the exhibition will not be manned in the evening and to avoid thefts during the evening events in the main part of the Hall.

We hope to have another Christmas Fair at Littlebourne which proved to be a great success in 2014 and with a few tweaks here and there could be even more successful. Our Secretary will be sending out details with this newsletter separately but please diarise the dates. We have decided to return to having a catalogue and Paul our Publicity Guru has produced an excellent cover for this which (used last year so saving costs!) will have something about the EKAS, contact numbers and relevant information with a simple insert of information about the current exhibition for the inside of the catalogue. Sue Manton has kindly offered to coordinate this so please let us have the information as soon as you are able to make her efforts worthwhile. The Catalogue proved a resounding success and thanks to Sue for her great organisational skills!
Angela Malone has continued to decorate much of the La Trapiste Bistro in Canterbury and not only is it worth a visit if you are likely to need a refreshing stop off while visiting Canterbury but her artistic efforts are being much admired there are of course other refreshment stops throughout Canterbury!

Mike Samson one of our members runs a very popular gallery in York Street, Ramsgate and there are changing exhibitions every week, again there are other galleries in Ramsgate well worth a visit and we can say thanks to Mike, Ramsgate is now a popular artistic centre so please do go along and support him, open every day 10.00pm - 5.00pm. He may well encourage you to do a little plein air or outdoor sketching at the harbour a few metres from the gallery so take your painting gear!

The committee decided that as we had reduced numbers at the last Dinner we have decided not to have one this year due to numbers and cost and so to hold one perhaps next year.
Due to Fred moving we have now had to relocate the screens to another site so if you should need to borrow them will you please contact out Treasurer, Dr. Peter Livesey (01227 471433).
We have a number of our members unwell at the moment but I have either telephoned them or spoken to them personally we are sad to report that one of our most senior members Edna Cripps passed away just before Christmas and interesting to note that Edna sold one of her paintings at our last Annual Exhibition, myself, John Hughes and Dr. Peter Livesey represented the Society at the very short accolade by her nephew and niece at Barham crematorium.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or any other members of the committee. Please note my email is

Yours painterly, Fred Fielder, Hon. Chairman.